Marvin and Lee Cook founded a unique company that provided comprehensive products and services centered oninterpretationof natural history andenvironmentaltopics. In the 37 years of buildingthe company, they assembled a capable team of designers, artists, planners, mediaspecialists, writers, and exhibit builders. They were nationally recognized for theircontributionsto the National Wildlife Refuge System in the Senate with the highest award presented to citizens by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. They sold the company in 2012, which continues under new management. Following their semi-retirement, they established Caribbean Heritage Concepts as a part-timeconsultancy to share their expertise and passion for conservation of nature and history with past and new clients in the Caribbean.

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We have broad experience in design and implementation of visitor center and museum exhibits, natural history dioramas, nature trails, historic site interpretation, audiovisual multi-media and immersive experiences, and concept planning to accommodate and support nature and heritage public use programs. Through CHC, we continued to consult on natural and cultural resources through 2018.

As of 2019, Caribbean Heritage Concepts is inactive and not accepting new projects, while only continuing to support special needs or projects of formerclients.

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sm logoThe Cooks administered theEvergladesTrailAssociation, Inc.,a not-for-profit organization promoting authentic experiences on public lands in the Greater Everglades and Big Cypress ecosystem. In 2018, the Everglades Trail was transfered to Friends of the Everglades, an advacy organization founded byMarjory Stoneman Douglas. www.evergladestrail.com

Referrals -For maintenance and troubleshooting of exhibits we produced in our career, we can refer past clients to dependable exhibit shop artisans and designers that will have specific knowledge of the design, operation, and constuction.

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