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Seahorse National Park proposed for Eleuthera

Eleuthera is a 110-mile long island in The Bahamas with many remarkable features that merit conservationfrom Lighthouse Point in the south to Preacher’s Cave on the north end. Yet the only national park established on the island is the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. Now, a park is proposed for a special saltwater lagoon located between Hatchet Bay and Gregory Town. Caribbean Heritage Concepts was engaged by The Bahamas National Trust to develop a conceptual plan for the park, including suggestions for public use. The proposed park includes a marine area and the famed Hatchet Bay Cave. At a mile long, it is the longest dry cave in the archipelago. The next step is protected area designation of the terrestrial and marine area and securing funding for the implementation of the concept plan for public use. As envisioned, this park will be a major heritage tourism asset to North Eleuthera, restoring and protecting very significant archaeological, ecological, historic, and geologic resources. 

St. Marks Lighthouse Concept Plan 

When the US Coast Guard decommisioned the St. Marks Lighthouse as an aid to navigation,  the historic structure was scheduled for sale as surplus property by the Bureau of Land Management and GSA. Instead, through an Act of Congress, the lightstation was transferred to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to be managed by the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Through grants, the historic structure was restored and stabilized with the support of many. Now, the renovated structure is poised to resume service, not as an aid to navigation, but an aid to understanding history and the refuge. The refuge called upon Lee to assist in developing a conceptual plan for the lighthouse. 

Though Caribbean Heritage Concepts was closed at the end of 2018. we voluteered to develop a comprehensive concept plan for public use programming for the lighthouse and keeper’s quarters, including advice on indoor and exterior exhibits. Although the most compelling stories are those regarding the keepers of the light, the challenge is to connect visitors to the larger story of the historical role of the lighthouse and the changes to the coast it has witnessed over nearly 200 years. 

Pete Scalco, retired Florida Park Service leader, contributed his talents and experience regarding operational guidelines and personal interpretation programming. 

With the assistance of volunteers, the Friends of St. Marks Refuge support organization, and the many people who value the lighthouse, the Fish and Wildlife Service can create a first class venue worthy of tremendous potential for this iconic historic structure. 

IMG 5723

The concept plan proposes practical exhibits that consider the perils of coastal flooding.

IMG 5724

Closed for business --Caribbean Heritage Concepts 

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After selling the company we established in 1975 to new owners, we established Caribbean Heritage Concepts (CHC) in 2012 to assist clients and friends in the Caribbean. We were also able to serve former clients in the U.S. with concept planning and consultation. 

For the past six years we’ve been heartened to have clients from past projects seek our advice. We take pride in the culture and capabilities and talented staff team we had at Wilderness Graphics, Inc.

Now it is time to close CHC and Marvin Cook Studio. We’ve rented our business location to a new tenant. It seems that we are better suited to devote our time to the Centre for Advanced Liming and sailing.

Although we are closed for business, we are still available to answer questions on our past work or provide input on new ideas. We can suggest new sources for the products and services we once provided and referrals to capable folks that can provide maintenance. 

We appreciate the opportunities we’ve had across the States and Caribbean.

Contact us at and we’ll do our best to help!


IMG 1494 (3)

You may be interested in a blog we post for our cruising adventures on Bay Breeze and AQUAVIT.  

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2018 NEWS

Seahorse National Park for The Bahamas?


The Bahamas National Trust asked for assistance to develop a comprehensive conceptual plan for a unique saline pond on Eleuthera with a remarkable population of seahorses. The proposed park will offer opportunities for visitors to swim with seahorses as well as tour an area rich in geologic features. The park may include 700 acres on Eleuthera and about a square mile of offshore waters in a marine protected area. Establishing this site as a park will begin a new opportunity for long-term restoration of invasive- infested agricultural areas and much-needed management of a very significant dry cave system presently subject to vandalism. The conceptual plan will be incorporated into the BNT’s proposal to government to authorize protection, management, and sustainable economic activities.

Ridge SQ

A ridge rises some 85 feet to  separate the special saltwater lagoon ecosystem from the ocean at Kemp’s Bight.

Planning future use for the St. Marks Lighthouse 

As 2018 closes, we are engaged as volunteers to develop a plan for interpretation and public use programmimg for the St. Marks Lighthouse on the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Joining with esteemed retired Florida Park Service leader, Pete Scalco, the objective is to assist the refuge to leverage this National Historic Register structure to engage visitors and share its many stories. The immediate vicinity holds a special place in our hearts and a more important place in U.S. history than visitors might expect. Lee Cook was very engaged in promoting transfer from the U.S. Coast Guard to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that actually resulted in an Act of Congress to achieve. 


Florida State University 

Coastal and Marine Lab

Since we developed a conceptual plan in 2011 to support interpretation and public use of the Marine Lab campus in St. Teresa Florida, the FSU Coastal and Marine Lab continues tremendous progress. 70 acres of upland longleaf pine habitat is undergoing restoration and will be the site of a new education and research center providing researchers with much needed facilities to support cutting-edge science.

Many of the original suggestions described in the conceptual plan have been implemented and, under the leadership of Dr. Felicia Coleman, FSUCML Director, staff and facilities have flourished. Caribbean Heritage Concepts was tasked to update the concept plan and consider new opportunities for educational uses of the campus.

With the addition of coastal upland habitat, the campus will have expanded potential for nature trails and research study areas. The “North 70” site includes tidal creeks winding through a longleaf pine forest.

Caribbean Heritage Concepts has updated the plan with a Powerpoint program, budgets, and sketches that can be used for fundraising and implementation.

fsucl med




Since selling the company we founded and operated for 37 years, several former clients have contacted us to seek advice on maintenance and repair of visitor center exhibits. We can wholeheartedly recommend a former employee. John Turner, who was integral to fabrication and installation of projects including museum and visitor center projects in the Caribbean and at many national wildlife refuges and state parks. His firm, Sunshine State Customs, LLC can perform maintenance and evaluate technology. John is highly capable, ethical, and reflects the culture we established.

While we are retired from Wilderness Graphics, we continue our interest in the long-term service of the projects we were involved in designing and producing.

John Turner was a key team member for many of our final projects - Anahuac National Wildife Refuge, Cayman Island National Museum, Turks and Caicos National Environmental Centre, Cameron Prairie NWR, Ottawa NWR, Coastal North Carolina Refuges Visitor Center.

Sunshine State Customs, LLC

1423 North M.L. King, Jr. Blvd.

Tallahassee, FL 32303



Ethnobotany Exhibits  

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Caribbean Heritage Concepts is continuing to provide interpretive wayside exhibits for the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve in Eleuthera, The Bahamas. CHC assisted with design and implementation of wayside trail signs to interpret the medicinal use of native plants on exhibit in newly established, and flourishing, garden exhibits at the Preserve. Lee performed editing and design services while Marvin illustrated some forty plant species. Several additional trail signs interpret economic uses of trees and shrubs of the coppice.

IMG 2148

The Preserve is a tremendous success and is rated as Trip Advisor's number one attraction on Eleuthera. We are proud to have been involved in this unique national park since its inception. Conceived by Shelby White of the Leon Levy Foundation and operated by the Bahamas National Trust, the Preserve blossoms through the hard work of the staff.

Recently, acreage was added to the park, enabling research plots to monitor the coppice with an eye toward studying effects of climate change on the plant community.

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New National Park for The Bahamas?

IMG 2156

Exciting potential for the Bahamas!

Caribbean Heritage Concepts was commissioned by The Bahamas National Trust and partners to evaluate the potential of a 900-acre site on South Eleuthera known as Lighthouse Point. Our far-reaching report included suggestions on infrastructure, staffing and management, economic development, research and education, and ecotourism prospects. The site has been largely untouched for hundreds of years, and is perhaps the most pristine and beautiful site in The Bahamas.


Sign the petiton to have this spectacular site established as a national park!

DSC04409 (1)

Caribbean Heritage Concepts supports the campaign to have this remarkable area declared a national park as an alternative to a prospective private sale. It would be sad to see the site developed and the public barred from a natural jewel that has so much to offer science, education, and nature-based recreation.


A summary of the assts and perils was published in the Bahamas Tribune, and is copied here as a pdf.



Ornithologist and artist Nils Navarro has partnered with biologist, photographer, and bird guide Ernesto Reyes to produce an annotated bird list for Cuba. The Friendship Foundation has enabled the publication of the comprehensive booklet. Caribbean Heritage Concepts contributed funds to support free distribution of the bird list to resource professionals of SNAPS (the Cuban natural resources agency) and guides involved in nature-based tourism.

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Friends of the Everglades assumes

Everglades Trail Association, Inc. 

sm logo

Marvin and Lee Cook established the Everglades Trail in 2003 with the generous help of our friend US Senator Bob Graham and his Florida State Director Mary Chiles.

Since the inception, more than a million brochures have been distributed to encourage people to visit, enjoy and support conservation lands in the greater Everglades and Big Cypress ecosystem. The trail connects 21 special places where people can have an authentic experience with natural and cultural aspects of the region.

map top4

After supporting the program with funds and administering the non-profit organization for more than a decade, we are passing along the program to a very fitting organization, the Friends of the Everglades (FOE). Friends of the Everglades was founded by a stalwart advocate for conservation of the Everglades, Margory Stoneman Douglas. In Marvin’s youth he knew Ms. Douglas and many of the visionaries who joined with her to establish the FOE. The educational goals of the Everglades Trail merge nicely with the goals of the FOE as they continue Ms. Douglas's legacy. Assets of the Everglades Trail Association, Inc. and management of the website and fundraising CDs have been transferred to FOE. For more information see


Happy Sails til we meet again!

After five years operating our very part time consultancy, we are retiring to spend more time cruisng and painting. We have enjoyed hosting art exhibits over the last five years at our small gallery, Marvin Cook Studio. We will be leasing the business location, while keeping the small workshop, the Centre for Advanced Liming.

Thanks to all for the opportunities to work with so many special places for worthwhile purposes. While we will be traveling more, please know we will continue to volunteer with existing clients and support conservation of natural and cultural resources. We are grateful for the many opportunities at Wilderness Graphics, Inc. and Caribbean Heritage Concept, LLC. We have a special affection for the many wonderful people we have come to know ... from the Alaska Arctic to the Caribbean.

Casting off to cruise...

Please watch for our blog as we sail our Shannon Shoalsailer in the Gulf of Mexico and cruise our power boat, Aquavit, a Tiara 31 Open, up the Atlantic east coast on the Intracoastal Waterway from the Gulf of Mexico to New York City, and perhaps beyond.


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Nils Navarro Artist and Author


ENDEMIC BIRDS OF CUBA (and Biodiversity)

Art Exhibition - October 10, 2015 10A-5P

Foto Nils solapaJPEG

   Nils Navarro was born in Holguín Province, Cuba. He currently lives near the wonderous landscape of protected areas in Piñar del Rio. He has combined his watercolor art and expertise in ornithology to create a comprehensive guide to the endemic birds of Cuba. 

   An OPENING RECEPTION will be hosted from 4P to 8P October 9, at Marvin Cook Studio, 1156 E Tennessee Street. Nils will be available to sign copies of his book and discuss his artwork, which will be available for sale. The exhibit will be open to the public, Saturday, October 10 from 10AM to 5 PM.

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Ethnomusicologist Carlos Odria, PhD will be performing original and Latin-inspired improvisations on guitar during the reception.


Caribbean Heritage Concepts/Marvin Cook Studio invited Nils to exhibit his work when Lee and Marvin Cook visited his studio in Cuba in 2013. It has taken nearly a year to secure permissions for his travel to the U.S. He will be visiting Tallahassee from October 6 -12, having a busy schedule of lectures at The Stoddard Bird Laboratory at Tall Timbers Research Station, cosponored by Apalachee Audubon Society and at the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory in St. Teresa, FL. Check for times and location to be announced. Seating may be limited for these popular programs.

Nils creates accurate and realistic paintings of Cuba’s bird life. He has also traveled in the Caribbean to study and paint species of other countries. As an active member of Birds Caribbean, Nils has been generous with donations of his work for fundraising to support conservation and scientific study of Caribbean birds. He has also supported the work of Optics for the Tropics - a nonprofit organization providing quality binoculars to biologists in emerging countries. Optics for the Tropics, headed by Joni Ellis, is another sponsor of Nils visit to the U.S.


Before visiting Tallahassee, Nils will be participating in an event at Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami. From Tallahassee, Nils will travel to Boston to make presentations at Boston University, Massachusetts Audubon Society, and Harvard Travel Club. 

Biologist and wildlife photographer, Ernesto Reyes will be on hand for the Tallahassee segment of Nils Navarro’s visit.

Boater Education Signs promote "Shorebirds through the Seasons"



A project of Aububon Florida, funded through a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, will help boaters identify shorebirds and understand the importance of coastal habitats to shorebirds throughout the year.

Caribbean Heritage Concepts is developing designs for interpretive and educational signs and kiosks to be installed at popular boat launch sites, marinas, and public parks in Franklin, Gulf, and Bay Counties in Northwest Florida.

Marvin Cook is adding illustrations to complement the outstanding art of Dr. Herb Raffaele, who has graciously granted permission to use images from his field guide publications. 


Watch where you step or you could be walking on eggshells or facing a fine!

Blue Hole National Park Signs 

Andros Bahamas


   Caribbean Heritage Concepts completed design and production of a series of interpretive signs for Blue Holes National Park.  Fabrication was completed by long-time fiberglass embedment sign supplier Pannier Graphics, Inc.  The new gelcoat fiberglass embedment signs are expected to withstand the local environment as well or better than the company’s standard fiberglass embedment process. Durable aluminum upright stanchions were supplied to display the attractive signs, designed with the assistance of CHC associate Dr. Lena McLane. Although it is not our primary focus to reengage in producing signs and kiosks, we were pleased to answer the call for help from our friends at The Bahamas National Trust and help provide much needed interpretation to park visitors. The National Audubon Society provided critical assistance to BNT to implement this project.

   Congratulations to Lynn Gape and Portia Sweeting of BNT and Matt Jeffery of National Audubon on a significant addition to an important protected area.

CCC “Boy Scout Mess Hall” Model 

CHC assisted Florida State Park Alumni Association with advice on interpretation and display case construction for a wonderful scale model of a 1930s mess hall constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps at O’Leno State Park. The accurate model was made by a retired park manager.  


Fran Bailey Retrospective Exhibit


   In a little departure from the gallery's main focus, the Marvin Cook Gallery hung an exhibit of needlework created by the late Fran Bailey, mother of longtime friend Doug Bailey.  The collection of needlecraft pieces from wall pieces to pillows showcases a diverse collection of her work.  While cleaning out his attic, Doug found a body of work that deserved to be shared with a broader audience. We were pleased to oblige. Some pieces were created by Doug’s mother-in-law, Elizabeth Pharr and by his late wife, Paula.

Diverse art was also displayed.  These works were collected in the U.S. and Europe by our dear friend Paula Bailey, whom we worked with for some 20 years at our former exhibit company.  Paula is remembered each year at the annual Paula Bailey Dining in the Dark fundraising event of the Lighthouse of the Big Bend. This year’s event will be held Octiober 4 at the University Center at FSU.  For more information visit

Heritage Trail for Bimini


Bimini has had many prominent visitors since Ponce DeLeon stopped by in 1513, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffett, and many more.

Now, visitors to Bimini will be able to explore the island's place in the stream of time through a new trail estabished on North Bimini. Caribbean Heritage Concepts assisted Dr. Keith Tinker of the  Antiquities, Monumants, and Museum Corporation and Prescott Young, Bimini Manager,  Ministry of Tourism to define the program and develop designs and content. Signage was produced and installed by a Bahamian firm, DigiPrint and Signs of Nassau. The project was funded through Resorts World Bimini, with the careful content direction by Lee Cook., as part of island-wide improvements.

Caribbean Heritage Concepts assisted in planning the trail and content development.  A rack card with a map is in progress to help visitors navigate Bimini’s colorful history as they tour on foot and by golf cart. Hopefully, local interpreters will be trained to guide walking tours of the Bimini Heritage Trail.

 Please visit our page and  “like” Caribbean Heritage Concepts on Facebook!

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Marvin Cook Studio Opens Exhibit 


Marvin Cook displays new works in a one-man show at Caribbean Heritage Concepts. Paintings depict real and imagined places in Florida and The Bahamas. 


Marvin Cook Studios Exhibits Landscape Paintings  • March 2015

Email for times and dates for an appointment.


Palmetto Point, Eleuthera

Conceptual Plan for Exhibits

Rand Nature Centre

As part of on-going efforts to improve the facilities and programs of the Rand Nature Centre, the Bahamas National Trust engaged CHC to prepare conceptual plans for new exhibits and facility renovations which will revitalize the popular Freeport, Grand Bahama destination. Established in the 1990s, the Bahamas National Trust has operated the Centre to the delight and benefit of local residents and tourists alike. Now, with improvements underway, and plans for new state-of-the-art exhibitry, the Rand Nature Centre is poised to become a "must see" destination. 


Proposed modifications to the building will allow after hours events at the Banks Art Gallery.

With increased attendance, the Rand Nature Centre will increase revenue to support important conservation work on Grand Bahama. The conceptual plan was developed by Marvin and Lee Cook with the assistance of CHC Associate, Dr. Yelena McLane.


A fun and educational Magical Mystical Mailboat Tour experiential theater will take visitors over, under, and through the magnificanet national parks of The Bahamas. 

For information on how you can contribute, contact Lakesia

Heritage Trail for Bimini

Visitors to Bimini will be able to explore the island's place in the stream of time though a new trail estabished on North Bimini. Caribbean Heritage Concepts assited Dr. Keith Tinker of the Antiquities, Monumants, and Museum Corporation and Prescott Young, Bimini Manager for the Ministry of Tourism to define the programme and develop designs and content. Signage was produced and installed by a Bahamian firm, DigiPrint and Signs of Nassau with the careful direction by Lee Cook. The project was funded through ResortsWorld Bimini, as part of island-wide improvements.

Bimini has had many prominent visitors since Ponce DeLeon stopped by in 1513, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffett, and many more.


Exhibit and book signing in the works…

Nils Navarro, Cuban Ornitholigist and Artist

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Planning is underway for hosting renowned Cuban artist, Nils Navarro at Marvin Cook Studio in October 2015 to display his exceptional watercolors of Cuba's birds and sign copies of his new guidebook "Birds of Cuba". 

Last year, Caribbean Heritage Concepts hosted Cuba National Parks Biologist and photographer, Ernesto Reyes (R) for a very successful engagement. We hope to repeat the success with his associate Nils.

Please email to be included in an email announcemtnt of the events.

Interpretive Exhibits for National Park 


Marvin Cook is illustrating natural features for interpretive signs developed for Blue Holes National Park on Andros, The Bahamas. A project of the Bahamas National Trust, generously funded by the National Audubon Society, the outdoor wayside exhibits will help visitors connect with the natural history story behind the scenery at this popular park on the nation's largest island. The karst features conserved within the park are some of the most extensive and unexplored caves in The Bahamas and have been featured in National Geographic Society magazine and TV programs. Captain Jacques Cousteau was an early explorer of the Andros blue holes and one is named in his honor.

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Building Heritage Opportunities on Family Islands in the Bahamas


Marvin and Lee Cook accompanied Dr. Keith Tinker, Director of the Antiquities, Monuments, and Museum Corporation of The Bahamas to assess the potential for heritage programs and parks on family islands throughout the archipelago. While reviewing sites on Exuma, New Providence, Bimini, and Berry Islands, the team met with stakeholders and advocates to discuss hopes for conservation of historic sites to share with tourists and perpetuate an understanding of the past for generations of Bahamians to come. Wonderful sites include the jailhouse in Steventon settlement that held Pompey, a heroic leader of a slave protest in Exuma, to the Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse. Discussions with stakeholders expressed strong support for collaboration and hope for progress in creating heritage programs. Lively discussions and Bahamian hospitality abounded at community meetings in Great Harbour Island and Farmers Cay in the Exumas.

IMG 2529IMG 2530

CHC will be working on several projects to advance entrepreneurial opportunities and sustainable programs connected with the country's heritage and culture.  Conceptual plans and interpretive programs will be developed in conjunction with local leaders. We salute the advocates for their dedication and vision and the AMMC for providing assistance to local efforts.

Caribbean Heritage Concepts Hosts Rally 


District 2 Congressional Candidate Gwen Graham received a warm reception on a cool and clear evening for a fun, friends-and-family event. Gwen is running  "the North Florida Way" campaign to work for progress on important issues that are currently tied up in partisan gridlock in Washington. 

Florida's favorite son, former US Senator and Florida Governor Bob Graham spoke in support of his daughter. Caribbean countries have benefitted for a quarter century from a volunteer program he established when Florida's Governor. Check out the Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and Americas ( 

photo 1 copy 2


Over 125 turned out for a festive event held in front of our Centre for Advanced Liming, raising substantial funds. 

FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory Nets Donation


Glenn Sharron donated proceeds from his Fantasy Fish exhibit at Marvin Cook Studios to the Florida State University Edward Ball Coastal and Marine Laboratory at Turkey Point. Over 50 people visited the show and attended the September opening reception. It's not too late to order Glenn's fanciful creations through his website

Thank you Glenn for your generous contribution to research on real fish in the Gulf and beyond!


Consultation on Interpretation & SIgns

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Though we do not seek design and production projects for wayside exhibits, CHC has taken on a few select projects to assist former clients.We are honored and flattered to be sought out as a source of the high quality products and services we established in our former company. 

Our main, yet part-time, focus is consultation on natural and cultural history projects and developing concept plans for parks and museums. We look for projects where our experience can be effective to advance conservation of natural and historic sites through public use programs. We endeavor to foster benefits for stakeholders and creatively use resources as investments that can return dividends in sustainable projects. We adjust the cost of our services to be affordable and proportionate to the project.



Lee Cook reviews a new exhibit for the Pompey Museum with Curator Kim Outten Stubbs.


A model dramatically depicting the wreck of the slave ship Peter Mowell anchors a new exhibit at the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation in Nassau.

DeLopezes Exhibit Paintings and Photographs

Opening Reception November 7,  4-8PM 

Sandy and Tom DeLopez will share an exhibit this fall at Marvin Cook Studio. 


Sandy DeLopez is a talented painter interpreting diverse subjects through oil and acrylics. Using diverse styles, from representational to contemporay to abstract, her paintings appeal to a broad audience. Visit her website to see her beautiful works.


Dr. Tom DeLopez, DDM is an avid photographer who captures nature and landscape through his lens. He will exhibit his remarkable photographs, including spectacular photos of hummingbirds.

Marvin Cook Studio will announce dates the gallery will be open in November.  Email to be notified or set up an appointment for a private tour.

updated October, 2014


New Publication on Design by CHC Associate, Yelena McLane Ph.D.

Book cover

Over the last few months Yelena has co-authored and published a book chapter titled “Designing for Good” in Design for a Complex World, edited by Graham Cairns (London, UK: Libri Publishing). She has researched and prepared for publication an article that details the interpretive approaches and exhibition design methods utilized in a small-scale history gallery. She focuses on the modes by which the exhibit evokes emotional responses among visitors. The article will be published in the Journal of the Korean Society of Exhibition Design Studies later this summer. 

Yelena has also been teaching graduate and undergraduate design theory and studio courses at the Department of Interior Design at Florida State University. Still, Yelena has taken time this summer to be with her family in Russia. We are proud to have Yelena available to assist Caribbean Heritage Concepts as an associate - continuing our more than ten years of collaboration!


Ernesto Reyes Mouriño Photo Exhibit Success!

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Ernesto Reyes, June 2014 exhibit at Marvin Cook Studio was a success!

In spite of steady rain, over 100 people visited the gallery for the opening reception or stopped by on the next two Saturdays  

Thanks to those who purchased photographs, Ernesto was able to purchase a new camera lens.



While in Tallahassee, Ernesto presented a program to an audience of 70 on Cuba's diverse avifauna at Tall Timbers Research Station - Stoddard Bird Lab, co-sponsored by the Apalachee Audubon Society. 

Through the assistance of Caroline Stahala, a program by Ernesto on Cuba's biodiversity was well attended by graduate students and professors at the King Biology Hall at Florida State University


Mr. Reyes is a biologist with Cuba's national parks system and an expert birding guide in Cuba and Central America. This was his first visit to the United States. During his visit, he had the opportunity to connect with other photographers in Florida and experience natural areas, including Wakulla Springs State Park, Blue Springs, and Merritt Island and St. Marks National Wildlife Refuges. Ernesto Reyes may be returning to participate in the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival in January 2015.

Caribbean Heritage Concepts thanks Joni Ellis, Optics for the Tropics and Randy Batista Photography for assisting in hosting Ernesto Reyes.

Marvin and Lee Cook - Lime Time

10409433 883154268379981 7524022818812379870 n

Taking time off from sailing, we are working on interpretive art and text for signs at Blue Holes National Park on Andros for the Bahamas National Trust. There are a few planning projects on the horizon and availability to volunteer our service through FAVACA. We hope to have an exhibit of new paintings opening in early 2015. If you see our sandwich board sign placed on the verge of Tennessee Street, we are open!

Please stop by to lime!

DID coin front with black DID logo

Lee prepared the graphic design for a commemorative token celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Paula Bailey Dining in the Dark dinner - a fundraising program of The Lighthouse of the Big Bend. The event is named in honor of Paula Bailey, our longtime friend and VP at our former company. For info visit: 

sm logo

….take the Everglades Trail to EXPLORE the Greater Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp Ecosystem, ENJOY opportunities to experience nature and cultural opportunities at public conservation lands, and find reasons to RESTORE this internationally acclaimed wetland!

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Bahamas National Parks

1186011 10152243422470862 929552329 n

Marvin and Lee Cook attended the March 21, 2014 grand opening ceremony of the Primeval Forest National Park. As one of 27 national parks managed by the Bahamas National Trust, the Primeval Forest National Park was established in 2002.

In the works for years, guided by the dedication of Bahamian conservation stalwart, Pericles Maillis, this remarkable geologic site has perhaps the oldest coppice forest remaining on New Providence. Our participation in planning for public use and interpretation of the site began several years ago when we owned Wilderness Graphics, and continues through consultation with Caribbean Heritage Concepts.

10003112 10152240775010862 699108127 n

President Neil McKInney presents a special commemorative gift to Mr. Pericles Maillis. (BNT photo)

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera

The Bahamas National Trust also celebrated opening of Phase 2 of the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. The Preserve is the first and only national park on Eleuthera, established through the generous support of Mrs. Shelby White and the Leon Levy Foundation. CHC assisted the Bahamas National Trust with development of Phase 2 interpretive enhancements. Distinguished VIPs, including Prime Minister Perry Christie, joined Mrs. White to celebrate the continued development of this unique national park.

1376600 10152278710345862 5342618658170331579 n

Rt. Hon. Perry Christie accompanies Mrs. Shelby White on a site tour. Photos by BNT

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To learn more visit:

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