Caribbean Heritage Concepts

Concept planning and development of exhibits, tourism, trails, interpretation, and public use for parks, wildlife refuges, and museums in the West Indies.


Our focushas been helping organizations develop creative program design for visitor centers and museums at natural and cultural resource sites within the Caribbean Basin.

Our mission is to assist organizations in their efforts related to environmental conservation, historic preservation, and interpretation by providing practical program concepts and designs with sensitivity to cultural and socio-economic factors.

Our objective Is to add value to natural and cultural sites through sustainable public use, products, and programs that can serve local constituents and international visitors. Using a holistic approach to design features and programs, our planning process considers the context of the project within the community or area in which it is located.

Our interest is to undertake select projects that provide an opportunity to make a contribution and benefit local communities by building capacity. We seek the kind of projects that can use the expertise of principals and associates to create successful programs and encourage local participation in design and execution of projects.


Our approach Is practical and direct, geared to support product and program design that can be implemented within the context of the Caribbean environment and limited budgets.In this way limited resources can leverage the investment of our clients and create local stakeholders.

We listen. We work as a partner with our clients and care about the success of each project.

San Salvador exhibit planning with Garnelle Williams, CuratorKim Outten-Stubbs, CAM intern Courtney Larose,Marvin Cook, Preservation Architect Alicia Oxley, and Lee Cook.

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